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Magdalena Gluszak - Holeksa is a Polish visual artist currently based in Hertfordshire, UK. Through painting she explores human speculation of the ‘unknown’ and the processes of making the unfamiliar familiar, as experienced in the pursuit of human identity. She is interested in the transformative tension of being ‘in-between’ in relation to memory and space.


“Being paired with an artist Oliver Kirkham for an online collaboration has allowed for an incredibly inspiring and refreshing exchange of ideas, thoughts and insights into our common themes of memory, space and boundaries – both physical, as well as emotional. The use of geometric lines and prismatic colours within my paintings correlate with Oliver’s installations – frames, through which we explore how collage initiates manipulative processes in both of our contrasting practices. The question of “how we make the unfamiliar familiar” arose from our conversations, both in relation to my paintings reflecting the idea of memory as sensation, as well as in Oliver’s found materials and preservation of their own meanings. Still being very grounded in our own separate practices, the final works challenge the intersection between paint and sculpture, while containing the results of our meditative and speculative discussions and approaches to making. After a very long pandemic year it has been the most rewarding experience to be part of ‘Correspondence 01’ and I am thrilled to be exhibiting among such brilliant artists selected for the project.”

Letchworth & Exeter - Untitled, (2021) oil on canvas



Letchworth - Number 29, (2021) reclaimed wood, paints, ink, perspex, laminate, screws

Exeter - Number 28, (2021) reclaimed wood, paints, ink, perspex, laminate, screws 

Exeter-based Oliver Kirkham’s works continue his ongoing research into the interrelations between our identities and the overlooked objects around us. Redefining these objects as materials and incorporating traditional mediums such as paint and ink, he endeavours to expand on notions of painting in multiple dimensions, balancing multi-dimensional space against the aesthetic principals of materials.  

“I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to work with an open dialogue as a means of inspiration. As my practice becomes increasingly painterly, it’s been interesting to understand the depth of my partner, Magdalena’s practise and the complexities behind her paintings. From our correspondence, interests in found objects and personal memories combine with our shared importance of process, in themes that both link and separate our work between physical locations and altered dimensions.”

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