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Gallery wall vinyl.jpg
fiona_works_ 6 copy.jpg

The place of our wealth, 2021 

fabric collage on canvas

297 (h) x 319 (w) cm

fiona_works_ copy.jpg

Glide above the grass, (2021) 

handwoven wool tapestry, Walnut frame.

35.5 (w) x 46 (h)  x 3.3 cm (d) cm 

fiona_works_ 1 copy.jpg

The roots are at work, unseen, (2021)

fabric collage on canvas

167 (h)  x 174 (w) cm

fiona_works_ 5 copy.jpg

The persistence of memory, (2020)

needlepoint and fabric collage over wooden board

60.5 (h)  x 50.5 (w) cm

fiona_ 8.jpg

In its present shape it is not the only possible world. (2021)

site-specific sculpture, built for the exhibition.

234 (h) x 280 (w) cm approx

fiona_works_ 3 copy.jpg

I Live by leaves, 2020

fabric collage on canvas

170 (h) x 149 (w) cm

fiona_works_ 2 copy.jpg

A Million atoms of soft blue (2021)

handwoven wool tapestry, walnut frame.

 35.5 (w) x 46 (h)  x 3.3 (d) cm 

fiona_works_ 4 copy.jpg

Like seeing fallen brightly away, (2020)

fabric collage on canvas

167 (h) x 156 (w)

Fiona Curran_work_day_4-16.jpg

The sky contained my garden, 2021 

wall painting

303 (h) x 660 (w) cm

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