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Nick Jensen

Nick Jensen uses collage and paint to create an abstract sense of the natural world.  His paintings engulf the viewer in layered and textured surfaces in which tone plays a crucial role.  The continual arrangement and rearrangement of forms gives the works a sense of constant activity. The surface is perpetually shifting, with new decisions being informed by the traces of previous ones. The overall effect is of a live map, where new terrain emerges against the disintegration of the old. He attempts to create a short hand version of a view / place, solidifying an experience into an abstract and graphic image as means to test the works ability to articulate something both psychological and material.                                                                       CV

stretch out and wave 

mixed media on canvas 

175 x 200 cm

searching for my shadow

mixed media on canvas

170 x 110 cm


leaves in the breeze

mixed media on canvas

140 x 200 cm

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