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Aimée Parrott

Aimée Parrott (b. 1987, lives and works in London), Post Graduate Diploma Royal Academy Schools (2014), University College Falmouth BA Fine Art (2009). Recent group exhibitions include Soaked, not resting, a two person show with Helen Frankenthaler, Pippy Houldsworth (2015); Promise of Palm Trees, Breese Little (2015); Derive, The Place Downstairs, curated by Stuart Evans (2015);Painting about Painting, curated by Andrew Hewish for Simmons and Simmons (2015); Screaming Hornets, Tintype Gallery (2014). Recent residencies include the Artists League of New York (2014) and The Kennington Residency (2015).

available works (large)  copy.jpg


fabric dye, ink, thread, velvet on canvas

160 x 200 cm


available works (large)  copy1.jpg

All that the rain promises and more

fabric, dye, ink, acrylic on canvas

130 x 100 cm


available works (large)  copy2.jpg

Queen Bolete
Monotype, fabric dye, ink, velvet, wool on canvas

60 x 60cm

available works (large)  copy3.jpg

Meshes of the afternoon

ink, fabric dye, batik wax on calico

152.4 x 183 cm.

available works (large)  copy4 copy.jpg

Anthropocene view part 2

ink, felt, velvet on canvas

120 x 160 cm

available works (large)  copy5.jpg

Anthropocene view part 1

ink, felt, velvet on canvas

180 x 140cm


available works (large)  copy7.jpg


fabric dye, ink, felt, linen, thread, PVC on canvas

160 x 200cm

available works (large)  copy6.jpg


ink and cyanotype on cotton,

120 x 90cm



fabric dye, ink, felt, thread, monotype, batik on canvas

110 x 60cm


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