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Amanda Egbe’s work is concerned with archives, new technologies, race, activism and representation. Her primarily audio-visual practice considers political, cultural and social gestures in our society and how our technologies co-produce how we see the world. 

Egbe’s exhibition explores themes of racial injustice and representations of blackness in our culture. The exhibition’s title draws on the poem by the writer Chinua Achebe A Wake for Okigbo (Uno-Oneu Okigbo in the original Igbo). The poem utilises a dirge sung by young people on the news of the death of a contemporary, a form of hide and seek; they chant and look for the person until daybreak when the search ends, there is a realisation of the truth of a friend’s death.  

The exhibition will feature new interactive and installation work concerned with stop and search data, representations of blackness drawn from archives, interviews and social media platforms, alongside 3D anaglyphs drawn from the new pieces and films from the Where Were You in 1992? project. 


Amanda Egbe is an artist, filmmaker and researcher working with the moving image and has exhibited nationally and internationally. She also is a Senior Lecturer in Media Production at the University of Bedfordshire and course leads the MA in Creative Digital Film Production. Her practice is concerned with archives, new technologies and activism. 

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