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“You may bethink you of the spell

Of that sly urchin page

This to his lord did impart

And made him seem, by glamour art

A knight from Hermitage”

Sir Walter Scott


arc., the second collaboration between Kristian Day Gallery & Herrick Gallery, Mayfair, brings together works by Fani Parali, Victor Seaward, Mark Corfield-Moore and Nathaniel Faulkner, that explore the expanding nature of materiality through notions of communication, code, ritual and re-contextualisation.

Each artist uses various mediums and seemingly unrelated subject matter in their work, but what becomes evident is the illusion of a new tangibility in the materials they alter and combine together. 

Acting as a counterpoint to the dark, intriguing and sometimes glamorous patterns and images woven onto Corfield-Moore’s tapestries is Seaward’s hauntingly surreal, object filled, industrial vitrine. Similarly, Faulkner’s sleek looking IBM computer façade that soon comes to be seen as nothing but a redundant copy; monumental but nevertheless child-like, and his absurdly elongated chair both draw the viewer into a parallel universe where function has given way to provocation and implausibility. We ask ourselves why and how these things exist, curious, we want to touch them and become familiar with them because they seem so familiar yet are without the ability to, remain alien in their new purpose and form. At the same time, Parali’s video projections, rich in colour and narrative, offer an added component of speech and communication; one that is just as enticing and combatant as the other works. 

Open Thursday - Saturday 12-6 until August 31st

Herrick Gallery

93 Piccadilly. W1J 7NQ

Fani Parali (b. 1983, Greece, lives in London)

Parali creates situations where components from different mediums are choreographed together, through directing and collaboration with performers as well as employing the use of pre-recorded audio that is then lip-synched. These situations are filled with moments of intimacy, shared alienation and warmth that are felt through the mediation of the voices she imagines, creates and communicates to her audience. The performers and the materials aspire to transcend and overcome their identities, dimensions and realities, to be, at the same time, other-worldly and very human.

Fani Parali studied Sculpture at Camberwell College of Arts before completing her postgraduate studies at the Royal Academy Schools.

Recent exhibitions include The Creatures (solo) at Chalton Gallery, London, Chumming at The Pipe Factory, part of Glasgow International, Urgent Bunk, Royal Academy Schools, London, Gender, Identity and Material, Royal Academy of Arts, London, Drawing Biennale 2017, Drawing Room, London and MONO7, Courtyard Theatre, London

Victor Seaward (b. 1988, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, lives in London) 

Seaward juxtaposes raw, functional materials, such as concrete, with high-tech industrial materials and apparatuses to expose how social and cultural groups are able to enduringly place meaningful stock, through the addition of pattern, objects and symbols, in otherwise mundane ephemera.

Victor Seaward studied for his BA in History of Art at the University of Leeds before undertaking an MA in Painting at the Royal College of Art.

Recent exhibitions include the Royal College of Art Degree show 2018, Spring Syllabus at J Hammond Projects, 20x20 at Griffin Gallery, and at the Sackler Building, Royal College of Art and Surrogate Twins at the Gulbenkian Project Space, London. Forthcoming projects include a solo show at Rectory Projects in late 2018. Victor is also the director of The Parasite - a parasitic project space currently hosting on the Sackler Building at the Royal College of Art.


Mark Corfield-Moore (b. 1988 Bangkok, Thailand, lives and works in London) 

Corfield-Moore is a multidisciplinary artist who has most recently been focusing on the process and history of weaving. His subjects range from 13th century Peruvian tapestry to Amalfi Coast parasols and in investigating the history of fabrics and textiles, with particular attention paid to its ability to be rearranged and be nomadic, the subjects depicted, although alluding to specific places and modes of experience, ultimately reveal themselves to be playing with a sense of a leisurely sitelessness.    

Corfield-Moore studied History of Art at University College London and Fine Art at Central Saint Martins before completing his postgraduate studies at the Royal Academy Schools.

Recent exhibitions include the RA Schools Show 2018, Royal Academy of Art, London, Layered Narratives, l’étrangère Gallery, London, New York, New York, BYGDA 2.0, Stokkøya, Norway and The Original Image, l’étrangère Gallery, London.


Nathaniel Faulkner (b. 1995, Chippenham, UK, lives and works in London)

Faulkner’s work is concerned with the illusory behaviour entrenched into a technologically advanced object’s physical make-up, particularly computers, by social and cultural expectations. Playing devil’s advocate, Faulkner’s work often exudes and discredits these expectations simultaneously; drawing upon a phenomenon known as the cargo cults of Melanesiam whereby closed societies encountering Western culture and technology superstitiously built replicas of airports and airplanes out of twigs and branches and made the sounds associated with airplanes to try to activate the shipment of cargo which the islanders perceived as the source of the wealth and power of the Europeans and Americans.

Nathaniel Faulkner (b. 1995, Chippenham, UK, lives and works in London) completed his BA (Hons) in Fine Art at Central Saint Martins.

​Recent exhibitions include Art and Haktivism, (H) AKT, Tanner Street Gallery, London, Extended Call, The Parasite, London, Living in Hypereality, Fringe Arts, Bath, Malevolent Eldritch Shrieking, Attercliffe™, Sheffield and DEMO DAY, Kunstraum LLC, Brooklyn NY

With thanks to Kingsgate Workshops, Block 336, Will Davie, London Fields Brewery and Jeanette Gunnarsson.

Dedicated to our pal Jane Helliwell. 

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