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Exeter - Fire Vase l, (2021) pigment ink on archival matt

Letchworth - Fire Vase ll, (2021) pigment ink on archival matt 

“It has been an interesting process to work on the Correspondence 01. project, with parallels to a blind date. Luckily the curators Kristian Day and Matt Burrows managed an excellent match with myself and William Luz. Our work has much in common in terms of our lines of enquiry, whilst also being quite different in execution. Talking with Will about his practice opened up some great avenues and ideas for exploration in my own practice. We are both interested in how images are perceived and work to disrupt the process of looking, by deconstructing and then reconstructing found images in alternative configurations. Where our work differs is that Will works with the traditional analogue collage process, manually cutting and pasting, whilst I work with image manipulation digitally and that digital aesthetic is something that is important to my work. 

Will and I have both worked with ceramics in the past, and have a continued interest in the process of working with clay and particularly vases. We discussed the idea of using vases and vessels as a starting point for the pieces for Correspondence 01. The work that came out of the process, whilst having the same starting point in subject matter, is visually very different. It will be interesting to see the two works side by side, and how the analogue and digital pieces differ in terms of how they are perceived.”




Letchworth - A Vase Consisting of Three Parts II, (2021) collage

Exeter - A Vase Consisting of Three Parts I, (2021) collage 

William Luz’ practice is concerned with drawing in an expanded sense through works on paper, prints, ceramics and video. His focus is on process that aims to refer directly back to the act of making itself, the materiality of making and the performative nature of an artists work.

 “Maria Meyer and I both work in collage, seemingly to play with and disrupt the image plane and affect the viewing experience. Both sharing a present interest with images of ceramic vases we chose to use this simple device as a pint of linkage and correspondence. My two pieces use components from the same set of images so there will be a similar yet unique set of correspondences made with Maria’s images at each location.

 I always appreciate some predetermined starting point so fewer decisions need to be made about the work and efforts can be focused on the making of the work. It’s always interesting to see another artist working with a similar process and frame of reference but come up with something complete different.”

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