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We're excited to present Dark City, an exhibition of new works by artist Harry Bland. Friends of the gallery will recognise the name, Harry featured in The Rude Gesture exhibition back in 2016, but its doubtful you'd recognise the work. Gone are the loud and large canvases, replaced by a body of work that is much more subdued, contemplative and mature. Timely, given the times we are living through, these relatively reserved works contemplate the unique sense of isolation one feels when living in a city even when we were allowed to join the bustle. Lit by electric light, distorted reflections in broken glass capture a glimpse of recognition of the subject yet we are distanced, unable to truly connect.

Harry Bland studied at Wimbledon School of Art and the Royal College of Art, his work is held in numerous private collections. He lives, works 'and hates' London. 

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