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Robin Megannity

ferme la fenetre


The possibility for intimacy, privacy and humility are what keeps painting plausible. But these things are absolutely unstable and confused by the seductions of their opposites; intimacy might be as effectively encountered through denial and detachment than through confession; Humility and tenderness are difficult to recognise amidst performativity, affectation, and melodrama.


In moments of belief, painting offers everything, in moments of doubt, I see the hoax. This is the uncertainty that keeps me painting; I look for artificiality in order to notice sincerity and I confess my apathy whilst sensitivity gushes around the back.


 The images that often form the focal point of my paintings are generated with digital technologies; cameras, 3D modelling software, or internet search algorithms. There exists a seductive type of melancholy that the digital image provides. The artificiality, the synthetics, and the barrier of the screen give a detachment and vacancy that produces a quality close to a fetish - an alluring and transgressive fixation with its remoteness and negation.


Historically, painting has had an unsteady relationship with artificiality; it is romantically understood as confidential and revealing however, conceit and self-awareness cannot be escaped. It is this oscillation between artificiality and intimacy, between indifference and earnestness, that pushes my work forwards. I allow for interruptions, hesitations, diversions, and reframings; I am aiming for an effect that recognises the seduction associated with artificiality and draws parallels between the apparent confidentiality offered by a  painting and the kind of intimacy that is tense and precarious.

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