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Announcing The Best of Bees, a solo exhibition by Sam Creasey at Q&P, Cambridge. 


Sam Creasey’s practice researches the complex dialectic between the urban fabric's natural spaces, its built spaces and its technologically networked spaces. The relationship between human emotion, architecture and the sociological considerations of urban planning influence the narratives portrayed in the paintings. These narratives often consist of construction, gentrification, hyper capitalism, rapid change and a foreboding sense of estrangement. 


Creasey’s employed life on the road in logistics provides an influence bank and psychogeographical escapade into the lives and localities of various microcosms of city life. Often observing in motion, notions of journey and transition inspire the works to take on temporal narratives that look for surviving idiosyncratic relics amongst an increasingly homogenised United Kingdom. 


Sam completed an MA at the Royal College of Art in 2020, has exhibited internationally and has recently contributed to publications and exhibitions specialising in urban sociology and art.


March 24th - May 6th 2023

Quip & Curiosity

71 Tenison Road, Cambridge, CB1 2EF

Friday + Saturday 12-5 or by appointment 

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