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Wilbury Radio


Wilbury Radio: Transmission 1 was an all day festival of experimental sound and music which took place in Hertfordshire in October 2022. Featuring performances by The Leaf Library, Anna Peaker, the Bomber Jackets, cmykscum, Karma Please, Telepathic Visions, and 3 Versions of Judas. This event was the pilot project for a series of sound art and experimental music happenings under the Wilbury Radio moniker. Wilbury Radio is a collaboration between Playing Fields, Wilbury Tapeworm and Barlow Index.

Scroll down for clips from the event:

The Leaf Library are a north London band playing experimental dream-like music built on layers of chiming guitars, pulsing electronics, noise and looping drones. They have released three studio albums (Daylight Versions, About Minerals and The World Is A Bell) as well as a number of electronic and experimental albums and EPs, singles, remix compilations and long form tracks.

Design A Wave (aka Tom Hirst) has been making music for many moons. Initial buds featured tape collages, distangled pop music, various dictaphone experiments, and over time all this meshed and warped into his solo musical venture known as Design A Wave. Initiated in the late 90s, the project was loosely named after one of the gangs in the Troma film Surf Nazis Must Die which, alongside other similar movies and music of it's time, informed a particular vision of an idealized weird - a trashy synth orientated 80s B-movie soundtrack, which provided an aesthetic platform on which to dive, surf and ride. Previous releases on Alien Jams, Alter, Bezirk, Birdfriend, Rush Hour's no label, Subsubtropics etc.

Anna Peaker is an artist based in Leeds, West Yorkshire who began to experiment with sound in 2016. Her music centres around drones, loops, and melodies using keys, strings, and found sound. She has released music with Longform Editions, Alter, Lime Lodge, and Infant Tree.

The Bomber Jackets. Their fan calls them the BJ’s. Formed during the zenith of indie sleaze, with luminaries such as Nik Void and Sarah Datblygu passing through their parish, the BJ’s to their fan consist now of Sian Dorrer, Russell Walker and Dan Bolger whose other projects include Ravioli Me Away and the Pheromoans. A third of this outfit is based in Hitchin making this a homecoming of sorts.

Karma Please was created in 2002, an Ambient / Drone / Avantgaze project incorporating Tape Loops, Granular Synthesis, Sample Manipulation and Field Recordings. Karma Please is currently in its third incarnation as of 2021.

3 Versions of Judas are an experimental noise-rock band who have come together especially for Wilbury Radio. They are Hallvard Haug (guitar), Xavier Marco del Pont (guitar), and Tony Venezia (bass). They may stay together if they can find a drummer. Tony also runs Wilbury Tapeworm, a local netlabel for lo-fi experimental sounds.

Telepathic Visions is an open-ended idea of a group, performing improvised sound and music with voice, guitar, effects and looping. For now it consists of artists Verity Birt & Tom Sewell but it would love to expand. Time is a spiral and turns inwards, so who knows what might happen.

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