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Kristian Day is proud to announce 'Sampler', the first in a series of short exhibitions. Presented in association with Arcade Fine Arts, this inaugural show features 27 painters, each represented by a single work. The exhibition acts as a showcase for some of the most exciting of today's painters, and represents a compelling range of style and idiom, both figurative and abstract. 

Henny Acloque

Richard Baker

Anthony Banks

Aglaé Bassens

Alison Boult

Hannah Brown

Lindsey Bull

Simon Burton

Gordon Dalton

Freya Douglas-Morris

David Edmond

Archie Franks

Anna Freeman Bentley

Adam Laurence Hedley

Aly Helyer

Yuchu Gao

Lee Johnson

Cathy Lomax

Kathryn Maple

Eleanor Moreton

Sheila Rennick

Ben Risk

Andrew Seto 

Antonia Showering

Matthew David Smith

Mimei Thompson

Willem Weismann